“What Judith does is so unique and so absolutely necessary to illuminate the whole voice behind your REAL message.”

Sammy Blindell | Founder & CEO, How To Build A Brand

Vocal Confidence Specialist & Coach

Communication is at the core of your company.
The clarity of your message and ideas is key to the relationships you build and maintain; whether it's a conference presentation, client pitch, or communicating with colleagues. Use your whole voice.

What Results Do I Create?

Clear, constructive, conversations and confident communication.

I work with leaders, emerging leaders, and team members to enhance communication skills; from challenging conversations to public speaking and presentations.

I will give you or your team the tools and techniques to speak with more clarity, confidence and conviction; no matter the situation.

I specialise in delivering The Whole V.O.I.C.E Method™ which transforms challenging conversations from confronting to constructive. This benefits mental health, enhances leadership skills, and equates to happier staff, better relationships, more productivity and bottom line savings too.

Everyone has different requirements and challenges when speaking in front of others; whether you are an executive, director, manager, or team member, and whether that audience is a one-to-one challenging conversation, client pitch, small team meeting, peer seminar, or a thousand people at conference.

When you need to be able to have a constructive rather than confrontational conversation.
When you are concerned that if you speak up you'll be ignored, or sidelined, so stay silent instead.
When everything rides on that speech at conference, client-pitch, or presentation.

When it really counts: you need someone who can help you approach things from a different angle, someone objective and supportive, someone who won’t ignore bad habits but help you understand where they come from, someone who can give you a clear method to follow and transferable skills for work and life. Someone like me.

Individuals will save large amounts of stress created and time wasted worrying about speaking, presentations, or conflict, and gain a life-time’s worth of tools and techniques to call on whenever they need to speak.

The company will gain a reputation for caring about its staff and save time and money on sick pay, colleagues covering each other, re-training and recruitment.

Watch this video to find out:

Are your staff suffering in silence?
What are they not telling you?
What is the impact on your business?

"For almost a year I had been avoiding what I felt was an awkward conversation with a large corporate customer, I didn’t want to rock the boat. I wasn’t standing up for myself or asking for what I wanted and put up with a lot of sh*t from someone I perceived as a bully but with power.

After working with Judith, I had the awkward conversation, I asked for what I wanted, and I knocked it out the park. Not only was it effortless (thanks to Judith), the bullying behaviour person no longer holds any power over me, and I secured an annual support and maintenance contract worth £80K.

Stress, anxiety, and financial security sorted in one phone call!"

Kevin Treweek – I.T. Solutions

What do I offer?

The Whole V.O.I.C.E Method™. Public speaking and presentation skills. Coaching.

Public speaking and presentations are an important and desirable key element of what I offer with both the workshops and 1-2-1 coaching.

There is also a vital element around communication that is often left wanting or forgotten. That is the ability to have a conversation that you believe may be challenging or confrontational and which might create conflict.

I am passionate about supporting companies to create a culture where communication is encouraged, and giving people the skills to be able to do so.

This is why I created The Whole V.O.I.C.E Method™.

I've worked with too many people (often in management roles) who are suffering in silence. They let challenging situations drive them to the point of feeling incapable of their job, and tell no-one, until it's time to be signed off with stress.

Too many people are afraid of 'appearing weak', 'letting others down', 'rocking the boat', 'being seen as difficult'. or they believe that 'the job is supposed to be stressful', 'everyone is in the same boat', or 'it's what I get paid for' - so instead of saying anything they let things build until they are suffering with overwhelm, depression, or thinking about resigning -
when there is no need.

What they need is to have the conversation they are avoiding.

This too is why I created The Whole V.O.I.C.E Method™.

It doesn't have to be the big things. Lots of people don't speak up when there's a regular but small challenge, when things are going wrong, or they are afraid to share ideas because someone in the team, or their manager, is over-bearing, brusque, or quick to dismiss. (I work with these people too!)

Often the people affected are the hard but quiet workers and managers who diligently get things done, who love their job and don't want to 'make waves', who would love promotion but get overshadowed by bigger personalities.

Sometimes, it is the people with those bigger personalities who are so used to being in the front-line standing up and saying 'yes' that they don't know how to ask for help, say that they're not sure they're up to the task, or speak up and say 'no' to more work when the task has got too much, too overwhelming ...but take it on anyway.

This is also why I created The Whole V.O.I.C.E Method™.

Ignoring the importance of people being able to express themselves will be costing your company in people, in time, in money, and sometimes in life. The old-school culture of people thinking that to suffer with stress is expected, doesn't work any more.

The build-up of 'little things' goes unnoticed: until something cracks.

Loss of Motivation
Loss of Productivity
Relationship Tension (Personal & Professional)
Unnecessary Resignation
Suicidal Thoughts or Actions

Loss of Time
Loss of Money
Lack of Productivity
Increase in Sick Days and 'Sick' Days
Culture of Suffering in Silence from Fear of Recrimination
Unnecessary Resignations leading to Recruitment and Training Costs
(unnecessary resignation costs on average £32K for a mid-level replacement)

Group Workshops

Practical, interactive, change-making workshops of half-day, one, or two-days which enhance skills and empower teams with tools and techniques to put in to immediate effect.

These workshops also highlight those areas which individuals would like to improve through individual development sessions.

It is recommended that a follow-up ‘Surgery Session’ is scheduled for 4-6 weeks after the initial workshop.

“A very worthwhile course, we should all be doing more of this.”
“Made the unenjoyable enjoyable!”
(Numis Securities – ½ day Workshop Feedback)

“Amazing day. Thank you so much! Great advice on managing my nerves and using my true voice. Feeling much more confident already” (Tanya – 1-day workshop)

Individual Development

Work with the powerful combination of coaching, performance techniques and exploring your voice vibration energy.

Whether you are in the c-suite wanting to freshen up your approach, or reconnect to what’s important in what you do, if you are moving in to a leadership position with new speaking expectations, or being asked to deliver your first presentations and needing to speak up and share ideas in team meetings, one-to-one sessions are perfect.  We will work together to find the reasons behind your reticence and revive the passion behind your purpose to connecting to your whole voice again so you can communicate with ease.

Individual sessions are personal, private and fully confidential, in which we work on whatever you need.

I offer a range of options including luxury one-day intensives, more relaxed speech-polishing and 60 or 90 day ongoing support programmes.

I have experienced a full range of public speaking challenges, whether you have had a life-event knock your inner certainty about why you’re doing what you’re doing, are terrified of speaking in front of others, or are confident and want to improve your impact and results.

“I would recommend Judith’s coaching service without hesitation.” (Ian Corbin Head of Operational Due Diligence)

Consulting & Retainers

Grow a culture of clear communication, giving your company access to me on a regular basis.

Particularly effective as a part of a fast-track or leadership programme where your team members will be going through rapid change, facing challenges and learning how to express themselves in multiple situations.

There are various options to use me as a regular resource for any member of staff to practice pitches, speeches or work on improving their overall vocal confidence.

One or half-day monthly retainer options.

“The team were very grateful for the session as it is so easy to slip into bad habits and we agree that we will do a refresher…. I certainly feel there have been marked improvements in joint presentations.”
(Tod Davis, Director, Numis Securities – 1/2 day Workshop)

Who am I?

Judith Quin - Vocal Confidence, Public Speaking, Presentation & Communication Coach.

Portrait of vocal coach Judith Quin

I offer you the benefits of my experience; combining the vocal skills, tools and techniques gained as a classically trained actress, with professional coaching and facilitation experience.  I add to this the physiological knowledge of the effects of stress on a body, learned as a qualified massage and voice-vibration sound energy practitioner.

I have worked extensively in the corporate arena and as a training facilitator and workshop leader. Having personal experience of working in the corporate world I am aware of the various demands, dynamics, challenges and communication requirements within companies large and small.

My experience crosses a variety of businesses and professions including: investment banks, hedge funds, oil & gas, publishing, the motor industry, public office and government sectors, asset management companies, contractors, doctors, entrepreneurs, I.T. specialists, legal professionals, sales and service teams and more.

For more information on how I work with your teams, or with you as an individual, book a call, send an email, or contact me here.

What they say...

  • “An excellent vocal confidence coach, who approached the situation with tact, professionalism & humour, exactly what was required.”

    Bruce Buchan | Maritime Arbitrator
  • “That rarely found coaching experience that is about getting you to be the best and most authentic version of yourself so you can really step up and stand out.”

    Sarah Bolas | Founder of Potential training consultancy
  • “Results included increased nerve management skills & confidence for speaking in front of others”

    Cerulli Asset Management
  • “The end result for me was reduced nerves and the confidence to manage the various public speaking scenarios I faced.”

    Ian Corbin | Operational Risk Specialist
  • “I found the coaching sessions with Judith to be invaluable in terms of helping me gain clarity on certain issues that have troubled me for years…"

    Peter Doolan | Media Sales Executive

What now?

For more information on how I work with your teams or with you as an individual, download the pdf using the button below.

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